Our main aim is:

to provide a safe and secure environment where children, parents and staff feel happy and cared for.

Our nursery has been specifically designed to promote these aims and we hope you will love it just as much as we do! Safeguarding children is an absolute priority for our nursery. We incorporate safeguarding in everything we do at Little Buttons and aim to give every child the best possible start to life.

We carefully plan activities that are personal to each child in their developmental stage and meet the requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage.


The values we aim to develop in our children are:

    - be kind in the way they speak and act.

    - learn to take turns and share.

    - listen to team members and try to follow their instructions.

    - try their best

The values the team will uphold are:

    - respect and responsibility for the safeguarding of all children.

    - promote equal opportunities for all.

    - care for the needs of each child as an individual with a holistic approach

    - equal respect and regard for all members of the nursery as well as members of the community.

    - have an enthusiastic approach.